How to toilet train your Burmese



Choose a dedicated cat toilet in the house.
Remove all other cat litter trays.



1. buy this plastic colander at Game - perfect for the job. R45.00 (see picture on right)
2. place in the toilet bowl under the seat
3. start with a generous amount
of cat litter in it.
4. put the cat in the loo for the introduction. A step next to the toilet is
useful (cardboard box or similar) 5.Remove solid waste often

Gradually reduce the amount of litter until the cat is confident with only a handful.
Keep a large water jug in the bathroom to rinse the litter of urine and
flush often.
At this stage the cat will be using the toilet seat.

Cut out a circle (a hole) in the lowest part of the colander, all of the flat part.
Put a few grains of litter around the edge if needed for confidence.

One day you won't need the colander any more.
Some other day you will find your cat using some other toilet!

Good luck!