My husband, Lallie and I are great animal lovers. We’ve always had two or three felines and it was a silent dream for me to be able to be a breeder one day. We purchased our first Burmese brood queen in 1996, a brown Burmese, Tosca. She delivered 7 babies the following year. Since then we’ve both retired and today we have a small cattery consisting of 11 Burmese. Needless to say, they are all pets with free access to the house and garden.

The Burlamien cattery is situated  in Caledon in the Western Cape, a peaceful little village an hour and a half drive from Cape Town on the N2. Part of our property has electrified fencing, so our cats are safe, but free. The babies are born and raised in the house.

If you are in the vicinity feel free to drop in and visit our children!

Purrs, Elmien 

30 kittens in one house! Read all about it here

We recently lost one of our queens shortly after the birth of her litter. Read here how I had to hand-raise 8 kittens!

We have exported some of our kittens, Sabrina & Kimeer went to Dubai and Callie to Holland.

During February 2015 we were chosen by the WPCC (Western Province Cat Club) under SACC (South African Cat Council) as one of the few Approved Catteries in the Western Cape.

We promote responsible ownership of animals and as such urge buyers of pets to have their kittens spayed or neutered. For further information on responsible ownership and how you can help visit the SPCA

We are registered with the SACC (South African Cat Council) and members of WPCC (Western Province Cat Club); ABCC (All Breed Cat Club) as well as BIG (Burmese Interest Group).

We feed & recommend Hill’s.

Burlamien cattery was registered in 1999. Since then we’ve been using Hill’s pet nutrition for our beloved Burmese. Our felines each have their own preference with regards to flavour, but all of them thrive on Hill’s. We give pellets as well as the wet food. Each pouch is a complete meal, containing the right combination of vitamins and minerals. The tins have gently cooked bite-size pieces of delicious chicken or fish in a savoury sauce, precisely balanced . The pellets have clinically proven antioxidants and highly digestible proteins and fibres. That is why we have beautiful healthy Burmese and can recommend Hill’s as the best pet food to use.